26.2 has been the only number on my mind

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One Goal Down: Here’s MY Boston Marathon Results
by: David Dansereau 
One Body Health and Smart Moves Internet Publishing

26.2 miles…

4 hrs. 52 min. 24 sec.

6,356 calories burned

~102 oz. Gatorade consumed

Crossing the finish line in Boston….


Thank You!

There are many paths to the Boston Marathon, but every path makes you part of history. My path to Boston took 6 months of training and a goal to raise awareness for stroke. I survived stroke and wanted to let others know I could survive Boston. I could not have done it without all the support I received along the way. From everyone who helped with my fundraising efforts for Tedy’s Team to everyone who followed my marathon progress yesterday both in person and by email and text updates, I am moved by your support. Thank you is not enough.

What part of history will remember you? In future issues of my newsletter, I’ll feature some of the amazing stories of some of the 25,000 runners and their own path to Boston to help inspire you.

Support Tedy’s Team and my marathon fundraising-it’s not too late

Reach your goals.

YOU can do it!

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jack ferreri says:

Congratulations! just 18 years after your first one—-
You are the man.


David says:

Thanks Jack! I need a treadmill b/c I’m going again in 2010- gotta break 4

Rhiana says:

Hi David,Thanks for all the great info on PFO. I too have a PFO, but I have two blood clotting mutntioas that would make closure risky. The doctors found it when I was pregnant with my second child. I live in RI and the article on Jaime caught my attention the other day too. It is very stressful to know you have this defect and that a stroke is possible. I too have been tested for MS, lupus, etc.. They have never found evidence of stroke on my MRIs and I have had numerous scans done. Again thanks for the info, I am going to bookmark your page b/c it is the most informational place I have found on the net. Sue

PTCoach says:

Thanks Sue for commenting here. Pls be sure to check my primary blog at know-stroke.org as well as pforesearch.org for more PFO resources!

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