Att: Stroke Survivors-I need your help!

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I am training to run the Boston Marathon in 2010 with Tedy’s Team

Please help me cross the finish line in Boston 2010

That’s me crossing the finish line in Boston 2009

Why put my body through another marathon?  Trust me, I’ve already gone through my list of excuses again why NOT to run.  But, even though I crossed the finish line last year and completed every step of those famous, grueling 26.2 miles in Boston, I have not reached my goal of national stroke awareness for improved screening,detection and treatment plans for PFO/Stroke/ and uncovering the possible migraine connection.  In the next few posts I’ll be updating you on the progress made towards my national stroke awareness goals in case you are reading my blog for the first time or want to get caught up or get involved to help-so stay tuned (but don’t wait to donate).

Please help me reach my stroke awareness goals and cross the finish line in Boston 2010


Thank you!



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