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The PFO Research Foundation (PRF) was formed by patients for patients and is supported by leading [...] Should all young athletes in the US have their hearts screened? They do in Italy. [...]
[wpvideo Qpx7bb0X] You are not running, why should I donate? If you have considered that it would st [...]
Article reviewed by David Dansereau for A new study published in the January issue [...]
I'm up late putting the finishing touches on my next mobility article for Stroke Smart Magazine and [...]
Thank you Kathyrn for your article today on Tedy Bruschi and for giving some well deserved credit to [...]
I know this is a start but we need to do more to raise stroke awareness. I was contacted on my blog [...]
WOW!- I know, I used the word sex and "the other "s" word" together- I can explain... I mentioned i [...]
Here’s the latest update on young stroke survivor Jamie Coyle. According to the latest website po [...]
While I was reading through the Valley Breeze newspaper earlier today, the story of 13 year old Jaim [...]