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Quote from recent study reported in Cardiology Today: Wöhrle J. J Am Coll Cardiol Img. 2010;3:833â [...]
The PFO/migraine connection is an area "ripe for research" according to this recent article Doctor: [...]
Heart disease and stroke are the number one and three causes of death in the United States.  Inflam [...] As you might be aware May is Stroke Awareness Month. I hope that you take some time [...]
The PFO Research Foundation (PRF) was formed by patients for patients and is supported by leading [...]
Making progress for stroke /migraine / PFO awareness but many gray areas remain I'm working on an a [...] Should all young athletes in the US have their hearts screened? They do in Italy. [...]
I know this is a start but we need to do more to raise stroke awareness. I was contacted on my blog [...]
Here's a quick video replay of a story that came out today on Channel 5 in Boston.  It shows a clea [...]