If you have had your PFO closed recently or have had a stroke…What are you doing to thin your blood ?

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Making progress for Stroke Awareness-know-stroke.org

Making progress for stroke /migraine / PFO awareness but many gray areas remain

I’m working on an article for my nutrition site my-nutrition-coach.com . The topic for this article is Omega-3 oils and  I am researching the latest nutritional science and what (if any) advice medical professionals are giving to suggest alternate methods to keep your blood thin.   I am especially interested in the nutritional advice given for those at risk of a repeat stroke or who might be  on a prescription med, for example post-op after PFO closure).

How you can help me with your 2 cents:

If you are on a prescription medicine protocol of any kind after your event, what dietary advice was offered to you (in addition to traditional blood thinning meds)?

Please take this 2 second nutrition/medication poll:

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I’d appreciate your feedback.  I’ve had many readers ask me what are my thoughts on Omega-3’s, so I’ve provided this link to a recent article on the Omega3  I use.

As you may know it is buyer beware with all supplements so here’s what you should know to review your own brand.

I’ll keep you posted when the results from this poll roll in.  Thanks for helping me tackle these PFO/Stroke/Migraine “Gray Areas” one  topic at a time.

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David says:

Clever PSA’s here by American Stroke Assoc. Would like the embed code if you can provide here to add to know-stroke.org.
Thanks for posting!

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