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May is National Stroke Awareness Month.  Know all your risks by watching this video from  the Nati [...]
The PFO Research Foundation (PRF) was formed by patients for patients and is supported by leading [...]
Free-Video-Demo Be sure to visit my nutrition website.  I've just added a new video demo so you can [...]
Update to my story: It has been a long and mostly frustrating several months since the ordeal I spe [...]
Quote from recent study reported in Cardiology Today: Wöhrle J. J Am Coll Cardiol Img. 2010;3:833 [...]
In about an hour I’ll be speaking to over 1000 middle school students in N. Attleboro,MA about str [...]
The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association published updated guidelines for recu [...]
Get our free E-zine updates to help boost your Fitness and Nutrition IQPosted using ShareThis [...] Should all young athletes in the US have their hearts screened? They do in Italy. [...]
I sent this letter off back in August of 2007.  I've been inspired by the recent phone calls and po [...]