PFM Medical Nit-Occlud PFO Occluder

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PFM Medical’s Nit-Occlud

PFO Occluder

PFM Medical’s  division of Cardio Vascular Technologies has made a name for itself with numerous technological innovations in interventional cardiac and vascular surgery.

Thanks to our own development and production facilities, we combine all of the sectors required by a modern medical engineering company to shape the future of the industry with its developments — to the benefit of patients.

Our core competences are in the development, production and distribution of nitinol occluders, catheters and stents. We work all over the world treating, for example congenital heart defects in paediatric and adult cardiology with the family of Nit Occlud® occlusion systems.

In this short video we want to show how our Nit-Occlud® PFO occluder for closing PFO defects works, what are the basic steps during the implantation and which are the key features of this unique occluder.



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