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where I Discuss My Stroke from a PFO


How to Restore Balance and Set Smart Goals after a Stroke

In this free Webinar I cover :

From my Stroke from a (PFO) Patent Foramen Ovale to Goal Setting to Overcoming Obstacles to Restoring Balance and Returning to Private Practice as a Physical Therapist

Every stroke survivor has a story. My story involves a hole in my heart, a marathon, and overcoming many obstacles to eventually return to private practice as a physical therapist. Along the way, I discovered that bridging the knowledge gap for stroke awareness and obtaining resources for stroke rehabilitation is not an easy endeavor. My journey included trying to set effective and creative rehab goals after my stroke at age 39, all the while balancing real life as a husband and father of three young children (ages 3-6 at the time of my stroke). My presentation takes a unique look at stroke recovery from my experiences as a patient and how it later changed my perspectives as a physical therapist. I also share how my stroke has helped me realize the importance of having a great “stroke team” along the way. Finally, I’ll reveal how this new knowledge has impacted my return to private practice as a PT and public health advocate for stroke awareness, recovery and prevention.  Join me on the Next Webinar by registering here.




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