[Stroke Awareness] Videos

Tedy Bruschi's Stroke Story (continued): // Many stroke survivors that learn they also have a PF [...]
Thanks to LicensedPracticalNurse.com for recognizing my work  in writing my know-stroke blog and fo [...]
A report released earlier today by Reuters showed a correlation between high arsenic levels in a Mic [...]
“These stroke meds are critical for many survivors to help prevent secondary stroke.  What’s go [...]
Know-Stroke.org As you might be aware May is Stroke Awareness Month. I hope that you take some time [...]
[wpvideo Qpx7bb0X] You are not running, why should I donate? If you have considered that it would st [...]
I know this is a start but we need to do more to raise stroke awareness. I was contacted on my blog [...]
In about an hour I’ll be speaking to over 1000 middle school students in N. Attleboro,MA about str [...]
If you are a regular reader of my blog you already know I have been doing a great deal of writing on [...]
I learned from the American Stroke Association, Boston Affiliate that the The Providence Journal ran [...]