Tedy Bruschi’s Stroke Rehab Story (Part 1)

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Tedy Bruschi’s Stroke Rehab Story

In his own words

NFL legend New England Patriot Tedy Bruschi tells his stroke rehab story and how he discovered his stroke was from a PFO.  This video was originally  available through Keppler Speakers bureau.

PFO Patients PLEASE Note: Tedy Bruschi’s recall of his direct access to care to correct his heart defect (PFO) is not what most stroke survivors are offered after they find they have a PFO.  The PFO closure procedure is now controversial and oftentimes not approved by insurance.


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[…] although controversial option.  If you remember,  former New England Patriots’ linebacker Tedy Bruschi also chose PFO closure as his best defense to get back on the football field and return to the NFL following his […]

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