Time is Brain (and we still need to know more about PFO and Stroke…)

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As you might be aware May is Stroke Awareness Month.

I hope that you take some time this month to review and advance your knowledge on stroke!  To keep up to date, I just finished viewing a replay on the Rhode Island Hospital (Providence) website where they created a stroke e-presentation for the EMS Community featuring Dr. Edward Feldmann, MD former Director of the Stroke Center.
If you’d like to review your knowledge of stroke Dr. Feldman’s presentation is worth your time.  Remember, especially this month, “Time is Brain”.
I thought it was interesting that during his presentation Dr. Feldman noted while covering the neuro floor at the hospital recently he witnessed at least “12 or so” of the stroke patients on the floor were younger than 50 years old.
[Personal Sidebar] Would be curious how many of those young stroke survivors under 50 may have had a PFO, but PFO  was not mentioned in the presentation. We still have work to do.

Play the Stroke Awareness Presentation

Follow this link to watch the  presentation
Username: RIHStrokeCenter
Password: EMS1109
Please feel free to share this presentation with your partners, work associates, family and friends.  If you don’t have time to watch the presentation now, here’s a quick review from the presentation on  how to recognize a stroke and act “FAST”.
Know-Stroke Act FAST

Act FAST and call 911

Either way, be sure you Know Stroke !

posted by David Dansereau for know-stroke.org


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